Meet your intimate wedding and elopement photographer team

Hey, We’re Bridget and Ryan!












We met when we were 15 & 16 (thanks to a mutual friend, Instagram, and a mini golf course) and have been pretty much inseparable ever since! Our first dates were spent adventuring around New England, finding new hikes and the best views. We quickly became obsessed with the mountains and travel, so as soon as we had enough money saved up, we visited Colorado and Utah. From that point on we had the adventure bug and realized the only way we could see everything we wanted and spend time in places that we loved was to buy a van. So, that’s exactly what we did! We bought a 2003 Ford Econoline, completely gutted it, and converted it to our little home on wheels. We’ve traveled across the US (road-tripping across the country 8 times now!) and have fallen in love with hidden gems and incredible experiences around the country. We take the van, Fern, on almost every adventure we go on and every wedding we shoot! So, if you’re thinking about a destination elopement, we are your people, and our van is always packed.

We’re here to be more than just photographers.

Think of us as your elopement planners, coordinators, storytellers, adventure buddies, and go-to resources for when planning gets tough!

Picture Your Wedding Day

Documented by friends just as excited as you are!

We REALLY care about getting to know you two during the planning process. So by the time your day comes along, we’ll be celebrating right by your side!

Meet the Team


Photographer & Planner

Will cry during your vows and trip at least once. Type A, detail-oriented, organized, easily excitable, and just as (if not more) excited about your wedding day as you are!


Musicians: Taylor Swift & Gregory Alan Isakov

Foods: Candy, french fries, fajitas

Activities: Running, climbing, hiking, skiing

National Park: Acadia, Zion, Glacier, Grand Teton

Movies: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice

Hobbies: Reading, starting hikes at 3 am, hiking above treeline

Odd Facts: Can not tell left from right, has broken 10 bones

Happy Place: On a glacier



Will be running around cliffs and climbing through the woods to get unique angles. Adventurous, laid back, and willing to go the extra mile (or 12) to get the best photos possible for your wedding day!


Musicians: Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix

Foods: Burritos, ramen

Activities: Skiing, skateboarding, climbing

National Park: Yellowstone, Badlands, Acadia

Movies: Anything scary

Hobbies: Skiing (if there is snow, he is skiing), looking at maps, playing guitar, hanging out with Aspen (our pup!)

Happy Place: On skiis

“Do yourself a favor and if you’re looking for the perfect photographer, look no further, book Bridget, relax and let the good times roll.”

– Kelsey & Keith

What makes us different?

Do you know that couple who’s been together so long they have merged into the same person with the same brain? Yep, that’s us but with cameras!

We’ve been photographing weddings together for so many years that we know exactly where to be at which moments to get the best photos possible! Not only do you get photos of every moment, but you also get two unique perspectives. Bridget loves symmetry, tiny couples, and emotion, while Ryan creates images with unique framing, landscapes, and storytelling. Together we capture different perspectives of the same moments, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your wedding day for years to come!

What we’re up to when we’re not working…

What we bring to every elopement

We’re always packed for an adventure