Hey, we’re Bridget and Ryan

We think wedding photography is more than just showing up and taking photos.

We're adventure elopement photographers based in New England but available anywhere. The reason we chose to specialize in elopements was because we realized we were able to connect with our couples at a deeper level and take photos that were more authentic. Photography isn’t about making the subject look like what you want it to be. It’s about freezing a moment in time for exactly what it is, so you can look back on that photo for years and relive that moment. Sure we all love some posed photos. Trust me, we make sure to get those epic posed pics. But, you don’t want all your wedding photos to be attached to memories of your elopement photographer telling you what to do. Elopements give us a chance to step back, remove ourselves from certain moments, and capture them for what they truly are. It’s our mission to craft photo experiences that capture the real you and your love.

We are invested in what our clients feel, and that’s what makes us good at our job. We craft these epic experiences with extensive planning assistance, knowledge about locations and terrain, experience in this industry, and of course, our photography skills.

Serial hobbyist and adventurer at heart.

Almost every day in the winter you’ll find me at the mountain skiing or lapping the park. Somedays Aspen (our husky mix) will tag along with me for some ski touring. When I’m not doing that you’ll find me next to the fire taking a nap on the floor next to her. In the summer months, you can find me exploring some new trails or climbing at our favorite gyms. I’m still trying to figure out how we can get Aspen to climb with us… I’ll update when I find a solution.

Hobbies held now or in the past: guitar, rubix cube, chess, skateboarding, skiing, climbing, hiking, tennis, Shred Sauce, and way too many more to remember

Will 100% cry during your vows and trip at least once.

I spend a lot of time (too much time according to Ryan) finding hidden gems on google earth and maps trying to find new adventures to go on. I love finding new locations and secret spots to escape to and have a huge list of bucket list spots to bring couples (if you need location inspo I’m your girl). When I’m not working you can normally find me at the climbing gym, running around town or in nearby trails, or on some skis if Ryan manages to convince me to head to the mountain.

Odd Facts: can not tell left from right, hates being cold, has broken 7 bones, and is extremely competitive but only when she knows she can win

We met in high school and have been pretty much inseparable ever since! After school one of us would make a 30-minute drive to the other one’s house in time for dinner and a movie before getting the text from our parents saying we needed to head home. That went on for 2 years before Ryan left for college and instead made a 2-hour drive home every weekend. Thankfully we’re only a year apart in age, so the next year we were in the same town within walking distance from each other. As you can tell, we kinda like each other, so it only made sense to make a career out of following each other around!

We have a deep love for adventure and traveling so throughout the years we’ve been able to go on some pretty epic adventures together. Starting with our first trip out west! We visited Colorado where we hiked a 14er and fell in love with the landscapes. As soon as we could we booked a trip out to Utah and explored all of the national parks. From that point on we had the travel bug and realized the only way we could see everything we wanted and spend time in places that we loved was to buy a van. So, that’s exactly what we did. We bought a 2003 Ford Econoline van and completely gutted it and converted it into our home on wheels. Now we take it to every adventure we go on and every adventure elopement we shoot! It even makes an amazing changing booth/getting ready location! So, if you’re thinking about a destination elopement, we are your people, and our van is always packed. Check out our travel schedule here!

Two hikers standing on a mountain summit in Colorado





national parks

states together

“Hiring Bridget was like gaining a friend! Her excitement to make mine and my husband’s day perfect gave me the reassurance that my photos would capture all the beauty of the scenery and our love together”

“Bridget and Ryan captured every moment perfectly. I can not speak more highly of this team! They were so easy to work with from start to finish that it felt like our best friends were taking our photos.”

“Bridget was super amazing and I can genuinely say I think she is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She made me feel super confident and she made it one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and one that I will remember forever”

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