Acadia National Forest adventure elopement

Stormy Elopement in Acadia National Forest

As elopement photographers, we’re always ready for an adventure. But when we were asked to shoot an elopement in Acadia National Forest in the middle of December, we knew we were in for a wild ride. Little did I know just how wild it would turn out to be. Usually, a December elopement in Acadia entails extreme temperatures and the chance for snow, but Kelley and Isaac’s elopement day had other ideas in mind. Kelley and Issac’s Acadia National Forest elopement turned out to be one of the most adventurous elopements we’ve ever photographed!

bride and groom walking along a rocky beach in Acadia national forest

National Park Closure

The day started before dawn, hoping to get into the park early enough for a sunrise hike. As we arrived at the park gates, we came to the unfortunate realization they were closed. Quickly grabbing our phones to see what was happening, we received a notification that Acadia National Park had an emergency closure for the day. A large storm had come through and was causing extreme waves to flood roads and create dangerous conditions. We quickly reworked the entire wedding timeline, making adjustments to avoid closed-off areas and finding the safest locations to explore. Thankfully, we’ve been working in and around Acadia for years, and were able to put together a timeline in just a few minutes that included everything Kelley and Isaac wanted to see!

Acadia National Forest Elopement

Once we had the new timeline, we set off to our new destination. We hiked through a dark forest to a rocky beach. The sky was overcast and the air was thick with the smell of salt water and pine trees. Once we arrived at the beach, we were greeted with views of enormous waves crashing against the rocky cliffs. The scenery was breathtaking, and although the wind made it difficult to stand in place to soak in the views, our excitement was palpable.

We spent some time exploring the beach, taking photos as Kelley & Isaac explored and embraced in front of the stunning landscape. The waves were getting bigger and bigger, and the wind was whipping through our hair. It was a thrilling experience to witness the power of nature up close. As the sky began to lighten, we made our way back to our car, ready to move on to the next location for their intimate ceremony.

Intimate Ceremony in the Forest

The ceremony was held in a secluded area of the forest, away from the worst of the wind. Kelley & Isaac shared heartfelt words with each other in the intimacy of the woods. And their words were carried away by the gusts of wind ensuring they were only for each other to hear. It was a moment of pure connection and love.

After the ceremony, we continued to explore the area, finding new corners of the woods and walking along the pond. But the wind was making it increasingly difficult to stay upright, and the waves were getting even larger. As we were making our way back towards the car, we saw the waves crashing even higher onto the shore. It was a mesmerizing sight, but also a dangerous one. We knew we had to leave before the storm got any worse.

Despite the weather and the park closures, the day was a success! Kelley & Isaac were beaming with joy, and we had captured some truly stunning moments in the midst of the storm. As photographers, we love the unpredictability of shooting in the great outdoors, and this elopement in Acadia National Forest certainly delivered on that front!

Stormy Acadia National Forest Elopement

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