Groom rock climbing during his Acadia Rock Climbing Elopement

Otter Cliff Acadia Rock Climbing Elopement

Acadia National Park not only offers breathtaking views of the ocean and incredible hiking trails but is also known as a haven for rock climbing enthusiasts. With towering cliffs over the ocean and diverse climbing routes, Acadia is a destination for rock climbing around the east. Which is exactly why Zach and Lindsey chose it for their Acadia rock climbing elopement!

Zach and Lindsey met at a climbing gym in New Jersey and built their relationship on their love of adventure and travel. When deciding how they were going to get married, they realized they wanted to create an experience that was different and more special to them than a traditional wedding. They decided a national park wedding was the perfect solution, and realized Acadia was the perfect place.

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Sunrise Hike and First Look

Zach and Lindsey wanted to start their wedding day with an adventure. So we met them at sunrise, at an empty trailhead, and started our ascent. They wanted to share a private first look so when we got to the summit, they found spots in the woods to change and shared a first look at the summit. Despite the foggy conditions, their spirits remained undaunted, as they shared an intimate first look surrounded by the misty forest. 

Otter Cliffs Climbing

After their hike, we headed to Otter Cliffs to explore before going on an Acadia rock climbing adventure! Clad in their wedding attire, Zach and Lindsey explored some of the incredible otter cliffs viewpoints and took a few moments to pause and take in their wedding day. Once they were ready, they changed into their climbing clothes and hiked to the Otter Cliffs climbing area. Zach set up the lines and climbed first before Lindsey, wearing her veil and all white outfit, followed.

 After their Acadia climbing adventure, Lindsey and Zach took a break for midday to unwind and explore some of the popular hiking trails with their families. 

Seawall Picnic Area Ceremony

 We met back up with Lindsey and Zach at their seaside cabin to photograph them getting ready before their ceremony. Surrounded by family, they slowly got ready to head to one of their favorite locations in the park. We arrived at Seawall Picnic Area just before sunset, where their guests met by the ocean and created the perfect ceremony location. With the waves crashing and a small rainbow behind them, they shared their vows in a heartwarming ceremony officiated by Lindsey’s brother. 

Acadia Picnic Reception

 After their ceremony, Zach, Lindsey, and their guests celebrated with a beautiful picnic by the beach, set up by Luxury Picnics Acadia. They shared a truly Maine feast of Lobster and champagne and toasted to an incredible day and adventure. 

If you’re looking for an Acadia Rock Climbing Elopement, use Zach and Lindsey as inspiration! Their wedding day was a true celebration of love, adventure, and a celebration of nature’s beauty. From the foggy mountaintop first look, to Otter Cliffs climbing adventure, and finally their heartfelt vows by the ocean with a rainbow behind them, every moment was filled with intention and genuine emotion. Their wedding day embodied the spirit of their relationship and it could not have been better!

Acadia National Park Rock Climbing Elopement

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