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Acadia National Park Wedding Locations and Tips

I have had the privilege to photograph quite a few intimate weddings and elopements inside Acadia National Park. Here is a list of my favorite Acadia National park wedding and elopement locations. All are listed with information about privacy, the best time for ceremonies, the number of guests allowed, and more!

Helpful Information:

National Park Pass: You'll need a pass to get into the park which is $35 or you can get the America the Beautiful Pass which is $80 and lasts for a full year!

Ceremony Permit: Acadia requires a special use permit for any ceremony that has over 10 guests. The permit is $50 and can be filled out here.

Marriage License: Marriage licenses can be filled out anytime within 90 days of the ceremony. Maine residents must apply in the town/city they currently live and out-of-state residents can apply anywhere in the state. Here is a blog post outlining how to elope in Maine.

Weekday Elopements: I highly recommend planning your elopement or an intimate wedding for a weekday. Acadia, especially during the summer, is very busy on the weekends making it hard to find a quiet location. Opting for a weekend elopement means you won't have to worry about crowds.

Time of Day: Depending on what location you choose, we'll probably want to decide to do your ceremony at either sunrise or sunset to get the best lighting and fewest crowds.

Guest Count: If you're looking to elope with just you two or only a few guests, you have the entire park to choose from! Acadia allows any group under 10 (including photographers, officiants, and any other vendors) to have their ceremony anywhere in the park without needing a permit. If you are planning an intimate wedding with more than 10 guests, the park gives you 12 options to choose from with a variety of scenery options! Each location has a maximum number of guests allowed to attend with the maximum size being 50.

Leave No Trace: During your elopement in Acadia National Park, make sure to follow leave no trace guidelines. That way we can make sure the park remains beautiful for years to come. Here is a link about how to leave no trace on your wedding day!

Complete List of Acadia Wedding & Elopement Locations

Here is a complete list of Acadia National Park wedding locations in order of how many guests can attend:

  • Cadillac Mountain - 20 (no ceremonies at sunrise or sunset)
  • Blue Hill Overlook - 20
  • Otter Cliffs - 20
  • Little Hunters Beach - 20
  • Schoodic Point - 25
  • Sand Beach - 30
  • Ocean Drive - 30
  • Otter Point - 30
  • Fabbri Picnic Area - 30
  • Seawall Picnic Area - 35
  • Thompson Island - 50
  • Frazer Point Picnic Area - 50

Acadia has a great resource here that gives all information about having your wedding inside the park, park regulations, and where to fill out and send the permit!

A Few of My Favorite Locations:

Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain is one of my personal favorite Acadia elopement locations. But it is also one of the busiest locations inside the park. It's the first place to watch the sunrise in the United States, making it a huge hotspot for park visitors. Thankfully the crowds disperse after sunrise, so any other time of day you can find a quiet place to explore!

Cadillac Mountain has a maximum guest count of 20 and does not allow ceremonies during sunrise or sunset. There is a high volume of visitors at these times, so a ceremony wouldn't be ideal. If you do choose Cadillac Mountain as your ceremony location, I have a huge list of hidden spots in the area that have stunning views and no crowds!

Elopement ceremony on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park Where to get married in Acadia

Blue Hill Overlook

If you're looking for a ceremony location similar to Cadillac but without the crowds, look no further than Blue Hill Overlook! Blue Hill Overlook is a pull-off right next to Cadillac Summit and is often overlooked by visitors. The views are amazing and there are hidden walkways to secluded areas, perfect for a private ceremony.

Blue Hill Overlook has a maximum guest count of 20 and is the perfect spot for an intimate ceremony away from park visitors!

Acadia national park wedding location

Otter Cliffs/Otter Point

Otter Cliffs and Otter Point are the perfect spots if you're looking for a bit of adventure but not much hiking. There's a plethora of amazing ceremony locations to choose from! If you follow Ocean Path trail, you can find stunning views and your perfect ceremony spot! The trail takes you from Sand Beach, past Ocean Drive, and right to Otter Point with amazing views the entire time.

Otter Cliffs has a maximum guest count of 20 but and at Otter Point you can have 30. The best times for ceremonies along the path are sunrise and sunset because during the day it can get a bit crowded with other hikers.

Elopement ceremony at Otter Point in Acadia National Park wedding locations

I have so many more Acadia national park wedding location favorites but I don't want to give away too many of my hidden gems so if you're interested in learning about other locations around the park or if you want to reach out about planning help click here to visit my contact page!

Need Help Planning your Acadia National Park Wedding?

I work with my couples to plan and photograph weddings that feel authentic to them! Throughout this whole process, I'll get to know you, what excites you, what makes you unique, what you love about each other, and what exactly you're looking for on your wedding day. Through that, I will learn how best I can capture the story of your relationship on your wedding day. I watch for all the little details, capturing moments you might not even realize happened until you look back on those photos. I want your photos to take you right back to that moment whether it be 2 days after or 60 years.

Find more about me here or reach out and we can start planning here!

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