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Couple looking at each other at sunset on Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park
Couple standing on a rocky coastline kissing in Acadia National Park

“Bridget is one of the kindest, sweetest people I’ve ever met! I am astounded at the final product she delivered! She has such a natural talent for working with people and creating an amazing comfortable environment for you while she works her magic behind the camera! Normally I hate pictures of myself… but I am absolutely OBSESSED with the photos she took of my fiancé and I. If you EVER have the opportunity to have Bridget photograph you- I highly recommend it! Do yourself a favor and hire her- you will not regret it!!!”

“Bridget far exceeded every expectation I could’ve had for a photographer! From her in-detail planning guide, her exciting attitude, and everything in between - hiring Bridget was like gaining a friend! She was so helpful in all aspects of my trip to Acadia and made me feel so welcome in a new place. Her excitement to make mine and my husband’s day perfect gave me the reassurance that my photos would capture all the beauty of the scenery and our love together. I am so so grateful for her and Ryan’s talent! Thank you for capturing moments that will last a lifetime!”

- Mahaley & Sebastian

- Ali & Dallen

Wedding couple standing and holding hands on a wooded trail at Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park
Acadia national park elopement ceremony on otter cliffs

“Would highly recommend Bridget to anyone looking for an Elopement photographer. Leading up to the wedding, she was responsive, informative and did a great job of making sure that we were prepared and knew all the protocol we needed to as we were traveling from out of state and had never been to the park before. On the day of the wedding, her and her partner, Ryan were rockstars. I do not think we would have been nearly as relaxed (and kind of excited) about the fact that it was pouring rain on our wedding day if it weren't for their positive attitudes, enthusiasm and overall knowledge of the park. They played a large role in making our day so special and now we have breathtaking photos to always help us remember it."

“I cannot possibly put into words how happy we are with the photos Bridget and Ryan captured of our wedding day! And Bridget also went above and beyond in the planning department - I already had lots of ideas, but her experience scoping out different spots and knowing what time of day the light would be good there was enormously helpful in our final timeline... Never did I imagine that 1. we would be able to get so many incredible pictures, in so many varied locations OR 2. that it would feel so easy and natural and relaxed. But Bridget and Ryan are so fun and personable, they made us feel at ease immediately, which I'm sure helped in getting good photos! Everyone that sees our wedding photos says they look like they belong in a magazine- and I agree!"

“Bridget and Ryan made our elopement day so very special and personal. From the beginning, Bridget was always so very quick to respond to any questions or comments we had about our day. Not only does she find the best spots, she practically planned the whole day for us! During the pictures they were both super helpful with carrying the flowers, jackets, and even a speaker for us so we could listen to our favorite songs. They both paid so much attention to detail to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. Bridget and Ryan make a great team bouncing candid shots and posed shots. They are so laid back, personable, and professional it allowed us to be ourselves while taking photos.”

- Amber & Brayden

- Gina & Doug

- Danielle & Sam

We think wedding photography is more than just showing up and taking photos.

Our Approach

We want it to be more than that for you too. The reason we chose to specialize in elopements was because we realized we were able to connect with our couples at a deeper level and take photos that were more authentic. Photography isn’t about making the subject look like what you want it to be, it’s about freezing a moment in time for exactly what it is, so you can look back on that photo for years and relive that moment.

We’ll guide you through the process and answer any questions

From the moment we start chatting about your adventure elopement Bridget will start sending you tips, blog posts, and planning resources. After a signed contract she’ll send over a huge planning guide full of tips, tricks, and answers to questions you wouldn’t even think to ask. We love the outdoors and adventure and will never bring a couple to a location we haven’t been to first. That means we have first-hand knowledge about the location and can give you accurate advice. We’ve been doing this for years, meaning we’ve gone through this process more times than we can count, so any questions that you have, we can answer. Bridget is incredibly reassuring and excited when it comes to your wedding day.

We craft epic experiences with extensive planning assistance, knowledge about locations and terrain, experience in this industry, and of course, our photography skills.

The Process

Couple looking at each other and smiling while rain falls down around them

Reach out

Check out our pricing here and reach out through our contact form! Put as much detail in as you can! We want to learn all about you and what you’re looking for. Within 48 hours you’ll have an email in your inbox from Bridget with a pricing guide and some more information!


pick a date and sign a contract

Once we’ve learned a little bit more about each other the next step is choosing a date! Once we find a date that works for both of our schedules and have a general location idea, Bridget will send over a contract and things will get official!


Elopement couple looking at each other in front of the rocky maine coastline in Acadia National Park

the planning begins

Once the contract and deposit are in, Bridget will send over our location scouting questionnaire and our exclusive adventure elopement planning guide full of amazing information about planning elopements! The questionnaire really dives deep into what you’re looking for on your elopement day, gives us some more information about you two, and allows us to start coming up with some amazing location recommendations.


Wedding couple standing at the summit of Beehive trail
Couple popping champagne at Blue Hill Overlook in Acadia in the rain

check out our

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How many photos will we get? And how long will it take to get them?

What exactly is an adventure elopement? Intimate wedding?

The number of photos will vary based on timelines, locations, activities, guests, etc so I don’t have a super-specific number, but you’ll typically receive between 50-75 photos per hour of coverage. On a typical wedding day, we will take thousands of photos and we go through them, pick out the very best to edit, and send them along to you. This process normally takes us 6-8 weeks for adventure elopements and intimate weddings and 1-2 weeks for adventure sessions.

To put it simply, it’s a wedding day custom-tailored to you, in an epic location, with just you or you and your closest friends and family, emphasizing experiences and your love. I call intimate weddings and adventure elopements the same thing, but most people classify elopements as weddings with less than 5 guests, and intimate weddings with less than 50 guests. There are absolutely no limitations when it comes to elopements and intimate weddings, so you have the ability to custom tailor all aspects to fit you!

Do you travel? What are the fees?

We’re awkward, how will you get good photos of us?

Almost every single couple we take photos of tells us that. Don’t worry!! We don’t expect you to be professional models and have extensive knowledge about how to pose yourselves. We take a super chill approach when it comes to posing and taking photos. During the day we will be taking lots of candids of just you two interacting with each other or your families. When we do ask you to pose we’ll give you super easy instructions or demo it for you guys so you know what it’s going to look like. We don’t want this to feel like an 8-hour photoshoot, and we pride ourselves on making sure it doesn’t feel like that. For the most part, we’ll just be giving you prompts that encourage you to move and interact in a way that is fun and allows us to capture candid moments in ways we know looks good!

YES! We love to travel! To make it super easy for you, all of our travel fees are included in our package prices. So if you’ve been dreaming of eloping in a spectacular place, the price you see is the price you pay, no hidden fees!

We want to elope but don’t want to hike, is this possible?

What happens if there is bad weather?

Yes! If you want to get married in an epic location with killer views but don’t like the idea of getting all sweaty or just hiking on your wedding day, don’t worry! We have SO many amazing locations that are just steps from a parking lot or a stroll down a dirt path. Just because we call it an adventure elopement doesn’t mean you have to hike 5+ miles and get all sweaty. Some of our all-time favorite locations are super easy to access! We have huge ranges of locations from steps from a parking lot, to easy hikes, to super strenuous climbs. Whatever level of adventure you want on your wedding day, we can accommodate!

We make the best of it! We will have backup plans already picked out in the event that weather makes our original plans impossible. We have our entire day blocked off for your wedding so if we need to make last-minute changes we totally can. Bad weather doesn’t mean a bad elopement day, some of my favorite elopements have been in complete rain when we pivot plans and embrace the day for what is it! I mean it is an adventure elopement after all!