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How to Speed Up your Editing Process Using the Artificial Intelligence

Do you feel like you're constantly editing? Are you overwhelmed with your editing pile? Are your clients being affected by long turnaround times? Are you craving time away from your computer? Have you thought about outsourcing your editing but haven't committed yet? If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, is the solution for you is a photo editing artificial intelligence which works as a seamless plugin on Lightroom. uses artificial intelligence to sort, color correct, straighten, and replicate tools from your ‘anchor’ edits to the rest of your gallery. The program works incredibly fast allowing you to edit hundreds of photos within minutes

What Does do?

Edit your sneak peek images, run, and your entire gallery will be edited within minutes! Using artificial intelligence, takes 'anchor' images (or sneak peek images) and edits your entire galley for you. It speeds up your editing workflow and takes the stress of editing off your shoulders! recommends you edit 1-2 images from each "scene" and uses those edits to color correct, straighten, and replicate tools onto all the other images you want to be edited.


The AI determines which anchor images correlate to each set image that needs to be edited, so you can organize your gallery however you please, and will know what to do.

Color Correction uses precision matching and individual fine turning on all images to make sure the entire gallery looks cohesive and identical. Essentially the program copies and pastes all of your edits onto each image, and makes the necessary fine adjustments it needs to in order to make sure they all look cohesive.

Tool Replication

The best part of the program is the tool replication. applies smart straightening, subject and sky masks, brushes, and gradient tools!

How Does Work? works in 3 simple steps. Edit sneak peeks, mark your edits, and run the program! 

1. Edit Sneak Peeks

In order for the program to know what you want the edits to look like, you need to edit ‘anchor’ images. I just use the sneak peek images I send to clients after a session as my anchors. recommends you edit at least one image from each “scene” in order to have the best results, but you truly can edit as few or many as you’d like. These 'anchor' edits are what the program uses to edit the rest of your gallery. 

2. Mark Your Edits

In order for the AI to know which images you want to base the edits off of, you need to mark them. I personally set the color rating on my anchor images as green, but you can mark them however you want.

showing how to set color rating on lightroom to green

3. Run the Program

Highlight all the images you want to edit, including the anchor images, and run the program! will automatically sort which of your edits correspond with which images and will fine-tune all of them to match the anchor images. The program is FAST and can edit hundreds of photos in minutes. All of the edits are done in lightroom so as soon as the program finishes, you can double-check everything looks the way you want and make any quick adjustments you see fit. 

Ready to try Click here to visit the website and get your free time back!

How to Install

Go to file -> Plug-in Manager

showing how to open the plug-in manager on lightroom

Click Add

showing how to install on lightroom

Open the folder named BatchAI that you can download from when you make an account on

Then click "Add Plug-In"

how to install on Lightroom

Make sure it is added to your Plug-In Manager and then you're done!

how to install on Lightroom has completely changed my editing workflow and has allowed me to take on more clients and provide a faster turnaround time. If you're debating on whether or not to go for it, try it out for at least a month and see how much of a difference it makes. is changing the game for photographers and helping us get our personal lives back!

Ready to try Click here to visit the website and get your free time back!

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