Wedding couple standing at the summit of Beehive trail best places to elope in Maine

Gina and Doug’s Beehive Trail Acadia National Park Elopement

Gina and Doug started their wedding day by waking up before the sun to hike Beehive Trail in their wedding attire. For anyone unfamiliar with Acadia trails, Beehive is coined to be one of the most dangerous hikes in Maine due to the ladder-like metal rungs that protrude from the side of the mountain, allowing you to climb up it. So, climbing the trail itself is pretty impressive, but to do it and a suit and wedding dress is another thing entirely. These two took the term adventure elopement and made it their thing! Their Maine elopement was one for the books and the perfect inspiration for anyone else looking to elope in Maine!

They really wanted to prioritize their experience and time spent together, but it was also very important for them that their family was a part of their wedding day too. So, they decided to split their time with us into two sections: sunrise for just them, and sunset for them and their families. 

Sunrise Hike Up Beehive Trail Acadia

We meet Gina and Doug at 5:30 on the morning of their wedding day at the Beehive trailhead. We started the hike in the very early morning as the sky was just starting the glow with the anticipation of the sunrise. The four of us were the first ones on the trail, making for some of the most peaceful moments and truly allowing us to soak in the day and appreciate the stillness of the park. Just as we got to the rungs of the hike, the sun started spilling out over the horizon and lighting up the sky with golden light. Each turn we made and each section we climbed, the sunrise just kept getting better and better. 

Breakfast at Beehive Mountain Summit

When we made it to the summit we were greeted by a few hikers that had taken a different trail to the top, so we found a private area hidden from everyone else, to soak in the views and watch the rest of the sunrise. Gina and Doug shared Chia tea and granola for a morning picnic while overlooking the ocean and Maine coastline. 

Hiking around Jordan Pond

After they were done, we headed down the mountain (taking a much easier trail) to explore some other spots in the park. Since it was still early in the morning when we finished our hike, we set out to explore Jordan Pond before the wave of park visitors got there making pictures almost impossible. Thankfully Jordan Pond was almost empty when we got there which allowed us to go everywhere we wanted! After we were done at the pond, we parted ways.

For anyone wanting to visit Jordan Pond on their wedding day, I highly recommend visiting early morning or around sunset! During the day the crowds can be huge and parking can be extremely hard to find!

Family Celebration in Bar Harbor

A few hours before sunset we met back up with them at their rental to take photos of them celebrating with their families and take photos at a few locations around the property Gina had picked out. After a champagne toast with their families, we left the rental and headed into the park to explore one of their favorite spots in the park on the cliffs. 

Intimate Wedding Ceremony On Otter Cliffs

We met back up with their guests for their ceremony and Gina and Doug led them to the location they picked out on the cliffs. They chose a stunning location out on the cliffs overlooking Beehive, the hike they had done earlier in the morning! Gina and Doug opted to do the ceremony without an officiant and instead had their guests share speeches, stories, and poems (in order to make this ceremony legal, I signed as the officiant). This was one of the most emotional ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed and you could truly feel the love each person had for one another. Everything from the activities they included, where they visited, who they invited, and how they choose to do their ceremony was completely intentional and made for a wedding day so special and uniquely them.

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