Chimney Pond elopement in Baxter State Park

Chimney Pond Elopement | Molly & Brian

Hiking 6 miles isn’t what most couples envision for their wedding day, but for Molly and Brian, nothing could have been better. Tucked three miles into the woods with Mount Katahdin looming overhead sits Chimney Pond, a stunning alpine pond featuring some of the best views Maine has to offer.

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Hiking to Chimney Pond

Molly & Brian started their wedding day at 2:00 pm in the trailhead parking lot, signed in to the hiker’s logbook, and begin their journey to Chimney Pond. With their wedding clothes strapped to the outside of their hiking packs rolled up in yoga mats and Molly’s curled hair clipped out of her face with claw clips, they were a striking site for other hikers on the trail! Throughout the hike, we were greeted with stunning views of Mount Katahdin and quiet moments walking through the Maine woods. One of my favorite moments from the day was while we were hiking and Molly said “it feels so weird to be inside a moment that I know is going to be one of my favorite memories”.

Getting Ready at Chimney Pond

After 2 hours of hiking, we reached our first stop, a lean-to they rented for their “bridal suite”. Using hand-held mirrors and their backpacks as a base, both of them got ready for their ceremony smiling and giggling about how this was exactly what they wanted. Molly helped Brian tie his tie before he headed down to the pond to get ready for their first look.

By the time Molly was ready, word had gotten around the campground that a wedding ceremony was going to happen. The difficult part about eloping in nature, especially state and national parks, is that other people have free use of the area, meaning you can’t guarantee you’ll have privacy. For Molly & Brian, privacy was incredibly important. After we heard that word got out about the ceremony taking place, we were worried people would head down to the pond to watch. But instead, knowing they wanted privacy, a crowd gathered outside of the ranger station to see them go to the pond but stayed away for over an hour and a half to make sure they were able to have the experience they wanted. *If anyone who was at Chimney Pond on August 3, 2022 is reading this, from the bottom of my heart thank you!

Excitement was high, not only for M & B, but also for the little girls waiting outside of the ranger station to catch a glimpse of Molly before she headed to the pond. Looking like a “fairy princess” as described by the girls, Molly walked down the trail to Chimney Pond barefoot, where Brian was waiting for her.

Chimney Pond Elopement

Next to an alpine lake, the setting sun, and Mount Katahdin looming over them, Molly and Brian exchanged rings with no one to witness but them and some too-friendly squirrels.

“With this ring, I take you to be no other than yourself. Loving what I know of you, and trusting what I do not yet know, I will respect your integrity and have faith in your abiding love for me, through all our years, and in all that life may bring us”.

Molly wore a veil that had been worn by 22 other brides in her family and Brian gave her a ring that included a diamond his great-grandmother sewed into her dress when she fled during World War II. After their ceremony, they decided to celebrate their marriage by toasting and drinking water straight from Chimney Pond. After exploring the area, they found a hiker to sign as their witness before heading back down the mountain.

A Chimney Pond elopement is not the easiest to plan or to make happen, but for the right couple, like Molly & Brian, it’s perfection. Life’s an adventure, so why not make your wedding one too?

Why have a Chimney Pond Elopement?

Their decision to elope wasn’t a last-minute choice, Molly says “I know for me, and I think [Brian] as well, the idea of professing my undying love for my partner in front of all my friends and family just feels daunting, scary, and intimidating. I want this to be a moment where I can bear my soul, speak from my heart, and feel safe to express myself freely. I don’t need or want everyone to be a part of this moment in my life, I want it to be just for each other. Our love is for each other, and that’s where I feel most at home.”

Molly & Brian hiked Mount Katahdin the first year they lived together, so it was only fitting to go back to a place that was already special to them for their wedding day.


“Bridget and Ryan are an incredible duo helping couples make their wildest dreams come true. I have always wanted to elope somewhere special in nature, with just me and my partner. Bridget helped me create the perfect day to celebrate our marriage. I really appreciate lad how detailed she was and how she created a timeline for us to stick to. If I could, I would relive this day over and over! I would absolutely recommend Bridget and Ryan to anyone wanting an outdoor adventure for their wedding day ” – Molly & Brian

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