United States and Worldwide Elopement & Intimate Wedding Packages

you deserve a stree-free wedding day centered around you!

The Relationship

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We are invested in getting to know you!

Your wedding day is all about you and we want to create an experience tailored to that. From the first email, we want to get to know all about you two! Your favorite things to do together, how you met, what your relationship is all about. We want to make sure we’re not showing up to your wedding as complete strangers, so you two can be completely relaxed by the time the cameras come out. And to be honest, it makes us way more comfortable too! We know photos look better when less stress is involved, so throughout the entire planning process, we take as much stress off your backs as possible to make sure your elopement experience is nothing less than perfect!

Location scouting

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Personalized location recomendations specific to your wants and needs!

Our favorite way to find locations is by adventuring! We’re not going to take our couples anywhere that we haven’t been first to make sure it exceeds all expectations. From driving down dirt roads, scouring over maps, hiking ridiculous amounts of trails in one day, to spending hours on google earth and trail forums pinning locations we need to check out. We make sure a location is perfect before sending it out as a recommendation. Once we get to know you two a bit better and we understand what you’re looking for, we’ll send over a personalized location list tailored to fit exactly what you’re looking for!

Details and planning

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We take the stress out of planning a wedding!

Our favorite thing about elopements is the freedom it gives couples to celebrate their wedding day however they choose. We also realize that it can be extremely overwhelming. Well luckily, that’s where we come in. Sometimes we're photographers and sometimes were also officiants, stylists, planners, and best friends when you need them! We’ll wear any hat you put us in (as long as we’re qualified for it)! We also realize we’re not professionals in anything other than photography, so along with helping you in any way possible, we’ll also send along a few of our favorite vendors that might help you a bit more than we can. Anytime you have a question during your planning process, Bridget will gladly and quickly walk you through it and find a solution to any problem that arises.


With two photographers, we can guarantee coverage of every moment!

This is our favorite part and coincidentally what you’re actually hiring us for! Throughout this whole process, we’ll really get to know you. What excites you, what makes you unique, what you love about each other, and what exactly you’re looking for on your wedding day. Through that, we learn how best we can capture the story of your relationship on your wedding day. We hope that each time you look back on your wedding day you not only remember what you did but why you chose to elope and how much love you felt for each other. We watch for all the little details, capturing moments you didn’t even realize happened until you look at your photos for the first time. We want your photos to take you right back to that moment whether it be 2 days or 60 years.

We think wedding photography is more than just showing up and taking photos. And want it to be more than that for you too. We chose to specialize in elopements because we realized we were able to connect with our couples at a deeper level and take photos that were more authentic. We know photography isn't about making the subject look like what you want it to be, it’s about freezing a moment in time for exactly what it is, so you can look back on that moment for years. Sure we all love some posed photos, trust us we make sure to get those epic posed pics, but you don’t want all your wedding photos to be attached to memories of your photographer telling you what to do. Elopements give us a chance to step back, remove ourselves from certain moments, and capture them for what they truly are.

It’s our mission to craft photo experiences that capture the real you and your love. We are invested in what our clients feel, and that’s what makes us good at our job.

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Ready to plan the start of your greatest adventure yet?

Every elopement day is different so we will work with you to make the perfect day centered around you and the love of your life! If you want a hidden hideaway or epic views we know all the best-kept secrets and have a heart for travel and adventure so no location is off-limits to us. If you’ve been dreaming up an epic idea, we’re ready to hear it.

Pricing starts at:

What’s IncludeD:

• 4 hour to multi-day coverage

• Bridget and Ryan as photographers

• Access to exclusive planning tools and guides

• Custom location guides, vendor recommendations, permitting help, and timeline creation


• Unlimited consultation and planning

• Full resolution digital files and printing rights

• Digital gallery of edited photos where you can share, print, and download your photos

• All travel included - no hidden fees

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Adventure sessions

Whether is an engagement session, anniversary, bridals, a proposal, or just because, adventure sessions are the best way to do it! Don’t let the name fool you, although I love hiking and climbing if that’s not what you’re looking for don’t worry. I’m game for every level of adventure from a walk on a beach to a scramble on a mountain top. We can craft an amazing experience together and have photos of this special time in your life forever.

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What’s IncludeD:


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How many photos will we get? And how long will it take to get them?

What exactly is an adventure elopement? Intimate wedding?

The number of photos will vary based on timelines, locations, activities, guests, etc so I don’t have a super-specific number, but you’ll typically receive between 50-75 photos per hour of coverage. On a typical wedding day, we will take thousands of photos and we go through them, pick out the very best to edit, and send them along to you. This process normally takes us 6-8 weeks for elopements and intimate weddings and 1-2 weeks for adventure sessions.

To put it simply, it’s a wedding day custom-tailored to you, in an epic location, with just you or you and your closest friends and family, emphasizing experiences and your love. We call intimate weddings and elopements the same thing, but most people classify elopements as weddings with less than 5 guests, and intimate weddings with less than 50 guests. There are absolutely no limitations when it comes to elopements and intimate weddings, so you have the ability to custom tailor all aspects to fit you!

We want to elope but don’t want to hike, is this possible?

We’re awkward, how will you get good photos of us?

Yes! If you want to get married in an epic location with killer views but don’t like the idea of getting all sweaty or just hiking on your wedding day, don’t worry! We have SO many amazing locations that are just steps from a parking lot or a stroll down a dirt path. Just because we call them adventure elopements doesn’t mean you have to hike 5+ miles and get all sweaty. Some of our all-time favorite locations are super easy to access! We have huge ranges of locations from steps from a parking lot, to easy hikes, to super strenuous climbs. Whatever level of adventure you want on your wedding day, we can accommodate!

Almost every single couple we take photos of tells us that. Don’t worry!! We don’t expect you to be professional models and have extensive knowledge about how to pose yourselves. We take a super chill approach when it comes to posing and taking photos. During the day we will be taking lots of candids of just you two interacting with each other or your families. When we do ask you to pose we’ll give you super easy instructions or demo it for you guys so you know what it’s going to look like. We don’t want this to feel like an 8-hour photoshoot, and we pride ourselves on making sure it doesn’t feel like that. For the most part, we’ll just be giving you prompts that encourage you to move and interact in a way that is fun and allows us to capture candid moments in ways we know looks good!