Maine Lighthouse Elopement

Maine Lighthouse Elopement

Maine Lighthouse Elopement at Portland Headlight

Maine's rugged coastline is famous for its picturesque lighthouses and is a popular destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway or the perfect wedding location. Danielle and Sam, we're no exception! They chose the iconic Portland Headlight as their Maine lighthouse elopement backdrop and invited their parents along to celebrate with them!

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Portland Headlight, located in Cape Elizabeth, is one of the oldest and most photographed lighthouses in the country. The historic lighthouse sits on rocky cliffs and offers stunning views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, making it an ideal elopement location, especially for couples wanting to exchange vows in a natural and peaceful setting.

When Danielle and Sam reached out to us, they knew they wanted something intimate and meaningful. When we asked what made them interested in an elopement, they responded "we truly want the day to be about us and our love for each other and we want to make sure that we get to enjoy ourselves"! So that's what they did! They planned a simple and elegant elopement, with only their parents in attendance at a gorgeous ceremony site surrounded by fall foliage and views of the ocean.

Portland Headlight Elopement

We met with Danielle in her hotel room where she was getting ready with her father and sister. After her hair and makeup were finished, Danielle's dad helped her into her dress and shoes before driving her to Portland Headlight, ready to meet Sam and have their ceremony!

Once at Portland Headlight, Sam, his parents, the officiant, and Danielle's mom, got ready for their ceremony. Danielle and Sam arrived separately, adding to the anticipation and excitement of their special day. Sam wanted to see Danielle for the first time as she was walking down the aisle, so we made that happen by finding a ceremony site with rock steps we could use as a natural aisle. The location they choose was an open field surrounded by fall foliage, a garden, and views of the Atlantic.

As the ceremony began, Sam looked up to see Danielle being escorted down the rock steps by her father. The moment was nothing short of magical as Sam laid eyes on his bride for the first time, beaming with love and admiration. The ceremony was short and sweet, with the couple exchanging heartfelt vows and rings as the waves crashed against the rocks below. After their ceremony, they toasted their new marriage by popping champagne before heading off to explore the rest of the state park.

Danielle and Sam's Maine lighthouse elopement was a beautiful celebration of love in a stunning location. Their simple and elegant approach to their wedding allowed the natural beauty of the location to shine through, making it a truly unforgettable day. If you're looking for a romantic and intimate wedding location, a Maine lighthouse elopement may be just what you're looking for.

From the couple

"Bridget and Ryan made our elopement so very special and personal. From the beginning, Bridget was always very quick to respond to any questions or comments we had about our day. Not only does she find the best suggestions for elopement spots, and picture spots, she practically planned the whole day for us! During the pictures, they were both super helpful with carrying the flowers, jackets, and even a speaker for us so we could listen to our favorite songs. They both paid so much attention to detail to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. Bridget and Ryan make a great team bouncing candid shots and posed shots. They are so laid back, personable, and professional it allowed us to be ourselves while taking photos and didn’t even feel like we were in a photo shoot."

Danielle & Sam's Maine Lighthouse Elopement



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