Mount Washington Elopement

Mt Washington Wedding Guide

Mt Washington is the tallest mountain in New England and offers unparalleled views of the stunning White Mountains of New Hampshire. Standing taller than the rest, Mt Washington is a stunning elopement or intimate wedding destination sure to leave you breathless. If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable wedding experience, look no further than a Mount Washington elopement or wedding on the summit.

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How to Elope on Mount Washington

If you’re considering eloping on Mount Washington or using it as your ceremony location for your intimate wedding, here’s a breakdown of what you need to know to make your day perfect!

Mount Washington Weather

Mount Washington is known for its unpredictable and intense weather. On a warm sunny day at the base, the summit could have 50 mph winds, fog, and temperatures 20 degrees colder. her is a draw for this incredible mountain and makes a Mount Washington wedding even more adventurous. The reason for this crazy weather is the fact it sits 6,288 feet above sea level and 500 feet taller than neighboring mountains. That’s not to deter you from having a Mount Washing elopement. The unpredictable weather and incredible views are a draw for this mountain and make your Mt Washington wedding even more adventurous and unique.

The weather can change quickly and even if you’re met with fog and dense clouds at the summit, there is a chance the clouds move quickly and you’ll get to experience clear skies and sunshine. Pack layers, dress appropriately, be flexible, and watch the hourly forecast to make predictions on when to start your ceremony!

As someone who has hiked Mount Washington and driven up the auto road numerous times, don’t let the weather deter you if you’re dreaming of a wedding or elopement on Mt Washington. In general, the “bad” weather (if there is any) at the summit, is usually contained to just the summit. No matter the weather you experience at the top, you can always hike down the trail a little way or drive down to a lower pull-off and be cleared of any bad weather almost instantly!

Wedding ceremony on mount washington elopement


Thankfully the permitting process on Mount Washington is super simple! If you’re having a ceremony with fewer than 75 people present, no permit is needed. If you’re planning to have a ceremony with more than 75 people present, the permitting process is outlined on the White Mountain National Forest site here.

Accessing the Summit

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Ellie and Brendan’s Mount Washington Elopement

Picture this: you’re standing atop the tallest mountain in New England, surrounded by the breathtaking views of the White Mountains, with your partner by your side. Ellie and Brendan did just that and decided a Mount Washington elopement was the perfect adventure to kick off the rest of their lives!

The day began with Ellie and Brendan driving up Mount Washington Auto Road, a scenic and winding road that takes you to the summit of the mountain. The drive was exhilarating, with stunning views around every turn. When we reached the summit, Ellie and Brendan took a few moments to catch their breath and soak in the incredible views. Then it was time for their first look!

Ellie and Brendan got dressed in their wedding attire on the side of the road and Ellie touched up her hair and makeup in the side mirror of their truck. Once they were ready, we found the perfect backdrop for their first look. After, Ellie and Brendan exchanged heartfelt vows to each other with the white mountains behind them. We then adventured around Mount Washington Summit, hiking around the nearby trails and exploring the many viewpoints.

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