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what i use

This is a list off everything I use to run my business and gear I can't live without. Everything on this list is software, education, design, and gear I truly do not think I could do my job without and trust completely. There are some affiliate links, but I would have them on this list even without it.

my favorite


Go-to camera

Maine elopement photographer laughing with camera in her hand in the mountains

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Canon r5

This camera is a beast and I can not speak highly enough of it. Anything I need it to do, it can handle. It handles low light situations better incredibly and is extremely durable (trust me I have put it to the test)

go-to lens

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canon rf 28-70 f2

I have raved about this lens to anyone who will listen. Being able to change focal length so quickly at an F2 has allowed me to diversify my galleries. I feel more creative and have the freedom to test out ideas otherwise impossible with a prime lens.

favorite for ceremonies

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canon rf 70-200 f2.8

I prefer to give plenty of space when shooting ceremonies and this lens allow me to photograph intimate moments and capture emotional images, without feeling like I invaded space to do so.

second camera

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canon r6

Since the R5 has a hefty price-tag, the R6 is an amazing alternative and it's what I use for my second camera while shooting. I absolutely love using it with my 70-200 when I know I won't be cropping in post as much.

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client management

client management system

Bride and groom standing on cliff edge in acadia national park elopement

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Dubsado is a client management system that allows you to organize your workflow with each client and keep you on track. Their many features allow you to create workflows, canned emails, send contracts, invoices, and so much more.

gallery delivery

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Pic-Time is what I use to delivery galleries to clients and what I use to sell prints. Pic-Time seamlessly combines your images to make stunning galleries while also providing clients with print options that ship directly to their door.


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The Legal Paige

All of the contracts I use come straight from the Legal Paige. She has worked with elopement photographers to create contracts that keep you and your clients protected. I would be lost without it and the investment is more than worth it.


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Notion is the best website in the world and my holy grail of business organization. Notion allows you to build basically anything you need to organize your business and life. I use it to track inquiries, organize locations, track status of clients, and so much more.

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destination elopement photographer

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Lightroom has every feature I need to edit my images exactly how I want to. I can't imagine using a different program.

editing ai

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Batch ai

Batch AI has changed my life and cuts my editing time in half. Batch AI is a photo editing artificial intelligence that plugs into lightroom. Once activated the AI will edit your galleries based on "anchor images" previously set in the gallery.

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website design

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Flothemes makes website design simple and allows for unlimited customization. Their pre designed 'flex blocks' make creating new pages and layouts easy and stress-free.

Website hosting

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Siteground is the website hosting platform I use. It ensures my site is secure and loads quickly.

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lens Rentals

Lens Rentals is the only company I go through to rent out and try to camera equipment. All shipments come on time and the prices are extremely reasonable. If there is an issue they fix it as as soon as they can, no questions asked.


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From client guides to instagram posts, reels, and every day design needs, I use Canva! Canva is an online design website that allows you to create anything you need for your business.


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wandering weddings

Wandering Weddings is an elopement blog and vendor search that connects couples with any vendors they need for their wedding day. Their blog features paying vendors that provide you with backlinks and connects you with more couples.