Seawall Campground Elopement in Acadia

Seawall Campground Elopement in Acadia National Park

Kathryn & Steve's Seawall Campground Elopement

After nine years together, Kathryn and Steve decided to elope at sunrise at one of their favorite places, Seawall Campground in Acadia National Park. Just saying that these two are in love is an understatement; their entire day was filled with giggles, huge smiles, and an abundance of love from everyone they invited. This is definitely the highlight of my job. Being able to photograph couples so utterly in love while adventuring around my favorite places.

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Getting Ready in Southwest Harbor

They started their wedding day by waking up before the sun, around 4 am, to get dressed and ready for their ceremony. They choose to rent out an Airbnb in Southwest Harbor so they and their families could enjoy time together and have a place to celebrate. Kathryn's mom helped her get ready in the morning, curling her hair and helping her into her dress, while Steve's family hung out on the floor above helping him get ready as well. By the time we were all ready to leave excitement was high and Kathryn and Steve were ready to get married!

We all left the Airbnb and headed to Seawall Campground. Kathryn and Steve had visited Seawall Campground a few times in the weeks leading up to their ceremony so they could scout it out and find the perfect spot to watch the sunrise. Hidden down a wooded trail, they found a gorgeous site surrounded by pine trees with a view of the rocky beach behind them.

Elopement Ceremony at Seawall Campground

When we arrived at Seawall Campground Steve and their families walked to the ceremony site so they could get set up for Kathryn's arrival. The two were hoping for a bright sunrise as their backdrop, but the Acadia weather had other plans and instead, a beautiful layer of fog covered the beach and made for a moody and quiet ceremony. The trail to their ceremony site made the perfect aisle for Kathryn and her father to walk down. The ceremony was officiated by the amazing Lindsay Gannon and included a ring-warming and handfasting ceremony.

After their ceremony, they shared a small reception with their guests. Steve popped some champagne and they toasted their marriage and the beautiful views of Seawall Campground and all of Acadia National Park. Kathryn and Steve took a moment to take it all in and enjoy their first few moments as husband and wife. After champagne and lots of laughing, Kathryn, Steve, and their siblings left Seawall Campground to explore some other views in Acadia!

They visited the main area of the park and were able to soak in uncrowded views. Because of the fog and heavy rain the day before, Kathryn and Steve had the park entirely to themselves, a rare occurrence for this time of year. We explored Otter Cliffs and spent a few hours hiking around, taking in the views, and enjoying the peacefulness that fog brings to Acadia National Park.

Kathryn & Steve's Seawall Campground Elopement





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