Thunder Hole Acadia elopement ceremony

Imogen & Garrett’s Sunset Elopement at Thunder Hole Acadia

Imogen and Garrett initially planned to have a large traditional wedding but after two years of being engaged, they decided they couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to celebrate their love with an intimate ceremony by the sea. So they decided to elope at Thunder Hole Acadia, a breathtaking spot on the coast of Maine with their best friends to witness!

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First look at Acadia Cliffs

The day started in the afternoon, with a short hike out to some private cliffs with their best friends. They brought a few drinks with them and explored the cliffs a bit before choosing the perfect spot for their first look. After hanging out on the cliffs for a bit, they hiked back out to the parking lot to get changed into their wedding attire. Imogen got dressed behind a tree with the help of her best friends and Garrett did his hair in the car side mirror.

Once dressed, they hiked back out to the cliffs for their first look. This is always one of my favorite parts of a wedding day, and for Imogen and Garrett, it was no exception. As they saw each other for the first time in their wedding attire, they both lit up and couldn’t help but smile and laugh. With their best friends surrounding them, they shared a few moments celebrating the start of the wedding out on the cliffs.

Elopement Picnic at Thunder Hole Acadia

After their first look, their friends got dressed up in their own outfits, and they all traveled to Thunder Hole Acadia for a sunset picnic and their ceremony. With them, they brought a variety of cheese and meat, crackers, and fruits that they set up a simple yet elegant picnic on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. They settled in to enjoy the breathtaking views just as the sun began to set.

At sunset, they gathered for the ceremony. Imogen and Garrett stood facing each other, holding hands with their friends surrounding them, creating a space of love and support. They exchanged vows and rings, promising to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their friends explored the neighboring cliffs, taking in the stunning scenery and enjoying each other’s company.

Elopements offer couples the chance to have a more intimate and personalized wedding experience, and Imogen and Garrett’s elopement at Thunder Hole Acadia was just that. With the stunning natural beauty of the area as their backdrop, and their closest friends by their side, they celebrated their love in a way that was truly their own.

Thunder Hole Acadia Elopement

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